Friday, November 28, 2008

Cartoon banned by the Mormon Church

A skit on south park


Anonymous said...

That was...interesting. It does sound like Battlestar Galactica or something. But, hey, folks say things about Christians like: "How is there a version birth? Or people floating to the clouds...?

Interesting video

Carole McDonnell said...

True. But there are so many different kinds of questions.

There are questions that challenge LIES. Which is what one would say to mormons: Like Mohammed, Joseph Smith was the only one who heard then validated his version of the True Book from heaven. So that's one difference. Also, nowhere in the book of mormon is polytheism even mentioned. Yet it's part of the mormon doctrine. Thirdly, mormons believe the Bible is flawed and they have the right religion and the right translation.

Questions about our religion have to do with people being unable to accept the basic truth of our faith. It's not about changing an entire religion around to suit American prejudices which is what the early mormon folks like Brigham Young and Joseph Smith did.

All religions have weird assumptions. The East Indians and Ganesh, Krishna, transmigration of souls. Judaism with them being chosen to be God's special people.
So the question about the virgin birth is a question that is asked because Christianity is a religion of revelation. Some stuff is too hard to be believed. Yet they are TRUE. We have to learn how to answer about why we ourselves personally believe our faith. And we have to learn to let the holy spirit work in us so we can have elijah challenges - heal the sick, raise the dead, etc-- and show that only in Christianity does God continue to do these great works.

Then there are questions based on ignorance such as the people floating in clouds. When one is faced with someone asking you something that is based on a falsehood, the thing is to say to them, "you do greatly're making a great mistake because you are commenting on a popular misunderstanding and not something that is in my religion. I don't wish to discuss anything with someone who thinks she knows my religion. Who knows what other foundational errors you believe? But tell me...Are you asking this question of me because you really want to know the truth or are you just trying to be smart? If you're trying to be smart, then you've just shown that you aren't. If you want to learn the truth about my religion, I will tell you what I know about it. But first tell me your answer to this question: If you were to discover that the basics and fundamentals of the world is not what you would want it to be, would you accept it? If God existed, and he turned out to be something you didn't like, would you accept Him anyway? Or would you rebel against a God whose behavior you don't approve of?"

That should let them leave you alone. Yeah, it's pretty snippy and slightly nasty but it gives a bit of peace.

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