Saturday, November 08, 2008

The foolishness of the worldly-wise

So there I was listening to Steven Pinkser from Harvard, a cognitive scientist. He was talking on CSPAN's Book-TV about how the brain and mind works, linguistics, etc. So then the time came to take calls. A caller calls up and asks him how such matters as telepathy, coincidence, mutual attraction, out-of-body experiences, etc work within his scheme of thinking. And what does the guy say? "Well, such things don't exist. Physics and Biology show that they don't."

Grooooan. First of all I wanted to say, "Quantum physics prove a lotta stuff, fella. And you obviously don't know much about sound and light and how they create matter and link separate particles together in complex organized patterns."

But I was pretty much annoyed. First of all, we who have had coincidence and mega-flaky incidents happen to us know that stuff does exist. And the arrogance of scientists who have never experienced or never acknowledged the mysteries of the flakier inexplicable side of the universe...well, it just amazes me. Not that I think we should go trying for telepathy ( who wants to be able to read minds and to know the sorrows and griefs of everyone around them?) or try for out-of-body experiences. So it's not as if I was specifically for the woman's New Agey spirituality. But I was kinda on the same spiritual team with her.

Anyway, the guy had said all these other wise stuff but I simply flicked the channel. Wisdom from someone who doesn't understand God or spiritual things -- even if it's wisdom in some specialized area-- should always be suspect. I could no longer totally accept everything he said after that. Yes, it sounds as if I'm saying that people who don't believe in God shouldn't be trusted to know everything -- even in areas that have nothing to do with spirituality. I know it sounds as if that's what I'm saying. I probably wouldn't be so harsh...but I'd pretty much not take everything they say as "gospel." Since they are missing the key issue: God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And "God takes the wisdom in their craftiness." And "The Lord uses the foolish things of the world to make the wise look ridiculous."

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