Tuesday, November 04, 2008

my times are in God's hands

So many times, times without number, God has done these sweet little godwinks to make me know he's looking over my shoulder. So I totally believe that as long as one is in the word of God and staying in the vine God leads us, even if we aren't aware that he is.

LAtest stuff that my lovely sweet Lord has done.

After wondering when I should leave the house I walked outside and downtown. Bumped into a fellow I've seen --often drunk. I said, "How're you doing?"

He said, "Don't ask me or I'll tell you."

I said, "I care, you can tell me."

He proceeded to tell me about his friend -- a drinking buddy-- who died in his arms. He had known this friend for 40 or more years. I didn't know what to say but I HATE platitudes. I said, "May God comfort you!" and I gave him a hug. Not much, no attempt to explain the world to him or give him a platitude or a sermon. But he looked so happy. As if that was enough. At least for that moment. Perhaps that is what he needed, a Christian who wasn't a Ms-fix-it know-it-all. And I said a prayer for him later but didn't burden him by some obvious prayer "on the street corner."

I continued walking and bumped into a friend who had been in town for only about two days. Perfect timing! We both touched the store door at the same time.

Then I was walking downtown because I feel the Lord wants me to walk. I walked a long while and began walking down a block. But then I stopped and turned around and began retracing my steps. I generally don't do this. As I was walking I bumped into a fellow I had met in my courtroom trial days (against annoying gun-toting neighbor). This was the man who had accidentally killed his father by leaving him in the car. I recognized him and said "I know you. May God bless and comfort you." Again, no big speech, no intent on trying to save him. Just a loving thought. And a loving prayer said in the form of a wish. And a loving smile. I really think it touched his soul. And I knew God made me bump into him.

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Anonymous said...

I must go for those long walks again...so dangerous out here though. But I have to remember that God will keep me to do His work.

That is something. I believe in giving warm hugs and encouragement too , people don't want sermons anymore, they need to be ministered to.

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