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Fave Japanese young actors

I'm feeling old now. If I was younger, I could dream of going off to Japan and meeting one of these guys and falling madly passionately in an outrageous tabloid romance with one of these guys. But noooooooooo! Oh well. I honestly hope, though, that I will still like them when they get older. One can always tell if one liked an absolutely gorgeous actor as a person or as a thing to be lusted at if one still likes him when he's old gray and fat. Mercifully, I still have some fave  American actors whom I still love now...whom I loved when I was younger. So... I'm probably not as shallow as I think. 

Some of them are majorly hot and their hotness calls to something youthful in me. Dare I say lustful? But some just have a certain something, a sadness, a connection to the world... These guys are all about 24-26 and were originally musicians.... so there is that eternal youth thing happening in which their characters are so about youthfulness, youth issues, etc.

I decided to keep a list of my favorites just in case anyone asks me who my faves are.

I could list the older guys like Fukuyama Masaharu but I've decided this post is gonna be about the younger set.

So now, in no particular order of preference.... my faves

Aiba Masaki  Just a sweet regular guy. He starred in My Girl Asahi ( A Japanese drama not to be confused with a Korean drama) Just the kinda guy who would be one's next door neighbor. He also starred in Saigo no Yakusoku a nice little suspense thriller, with the rest of his band.

Hayami Mokomichi  I'll admit I have only seen him in one movie, as far as I know. So maybe it's his character I liked and not really him. The movie was Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) and he played a robot designed to be a girl's absolute boyfriend. Yep, it's sad.

Aiba Hiroki I liked him in Delicious Academy Delicious Gakuin a j-drama which was a food comedy. No one does food comedies so well or self-mockery about their extreme obsessive perfection as well as the Japanese and this one was just giddy. Some of the jokes worked, some fell flat but hey, you gotta love the wild attempts at flakiness.

Ryunosuke Kamiki What a sweetie! What kindness and art in his acting. Try to see him in Kokoro no ito

Takizawa Hideaki aka Takki... oh my heavens! Pardon me, while I drool. Intense? Angsty? wounded rebellious...sinful and or odball characters. If there is any story dealing with revenge, and Takki is in it... watch it. Check out his drama, Taizou no kisetsu and his movie Romeo and Juliet. Also Taiyo wa Shizumanai and Strawberry on Shortcake (not the best but quirky)  He also does a lot of period dramas. Such as An actor's revenge (Yukinojo Henge)

Miura Hiruma. Probably one of the prettiest male actors around. And unfortunately he gets stuck in roles in which he is a heart-throb or a sainted but dead figure who did something noble and lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. Yeah, i know but ... what can i say? He is in Koizora, a school drama. He is in dramas such as Bloody Monday and Samurai High School. He might actually have it in him to be a good comedian. He tries to be and he succeeds sometimes. I just wish they would free him from the genius/saintly mode. When I watch his movies, I do wonder about myself having such a huge crush on this kid.

Miura Ryusoke Oh my heavens! What a cutie! He's about my older son's age and I just want to take care of this kid. No lust here (as in Takki's case) but utter maternal love. He was in delicious Gakuin also. The show definitely had its hilarious moments.

Kubozuka Yosuke. Another one who takes oddball films...about eccentric but not really angry folks. He's the one who is always in love with an older woman or who plays mentally disabled people. Try to see him in Long Love Letter aka floating classrom

Kanata Hongo. What a sweetie!  Pouty fully lips, melancholy face. Very princely looking for some reason. He starred in my favorite male Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe (Now, Hiroshi is a guy I could fantasize about at my age!) in one of my favorite Japanese movies Aoi Tori (The Blue Bird)

Yamashita "yamapi" Tomohisa   So beautiful, so good. Sweet, sweet, kind eyes. He was in Nobuta wo Produce and Long Love Letter aka Drifiting Classroom. He was also in Kurosagi (The Black Swindler) A hint of the rebel but not as woebegone as Takki. Cynical but...comes off as compassionate nevertheless (although all these guys come off as compassionate. Compassion sells, I am assumimg.)  

 Kazuya Kamenashi  Kinda rock-star hot but since I was never really into rock stars... he doesn't bowl me over, but he does make one think of the hottie rockstar popular guy in high school with the kind heart who didn't realize he was so gorgeous and always talked to ugly girls as if they were beautiful. (And he has gotten stuck with those roles several times. He stars in  Tatta Hitotsu no Koi  Nobuta wa Produce and  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge In the last two, think... "Japanese version of She's All That."
Ninomiya Kazunari is good as well. Not super-handsome but there's something about him. He was really good in Door to door  Saigo no Yakusoku   and  Ryusei no Kizuna

Matsuda Shota is a good actor as well. I'm not sure what I think of him but he stays in my memory so I'll mention him here. Not really my type but a hottie nevertheless. He was in Liar Game as the genius who prevented the main female protag from being taken advantage of. 
And then there is Amano Hironari  (recently changed his name to Amano Kousei) oh heavens!!!!! Simply the most gorgeous guy in the world! 

oh gosh... but lust aside these young guys don't have the place in my heart that Hiroshi Abe does. :sighing and fanning myself::   But will save Hiroshi for another time when I list the older actors  Like  Shosuke Tanihara  (check out My Rainy Days..good flick!) Must go cool off. 

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