Wednesday, July 06, 2011

He gives wisdom and upbraids not -- Part 2

Today I'm thinking of this again. Actually, I've been thinking of it a lot lately. This wonderful loving God who knows our frame, who understands why we've done stupid things, who understands why we have not done the things we should have done, who understands our frailties and our weaknesses....and our sins... and will not rebuke or upbraid us as he gives us the course correction.

As I sit here wondering what the heck this summer will turn into, I was afraid to ask God for help. Just in case He was going to stand off and not help me. Just in case He is like all humans who judge and lose their patience with us.

This kind of avoiding of God because one has been stupid and one fears his inability to help because one has not been doing the right moves...blocks the answering of our prayers. But when we remember that God is not like our earthly parents or our earthly know-it-all friends (who really know very little about our hearts and the pains we've been enduring) we can begin to push aside all strongholds against being worthy of his kindness.

The more I think about this verse, the more it feeds my soul. The more it feeds my soul, the more it heals it by giving me knowledge of what a loving patient sweet God we have. The more healed my soul is by the love of God, the more the torment goes because fear has torment. The more I am able to receive answers to prayer and guidance because I begin to understand how gracious and loving my Father in Heaven is.

Jesus came to remove not only guilt from us but guiltiness. Guiltiness has a power in and of itself because we cannot feel the Father's love. But Jesus came to remove sin and guilt and to show us the Father which removes our sense of unworthiness.

Lord, please keep me always aware of your patient love for me. I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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