Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To "like" or not to "like"

Ah the trials of we Christians! Talk about the day having enough troubles of its own. Every day when I'm on youtube I have some big choices to make. Choices that battle fear and shame. Choices that battle the fear of man.

Imagine looking at a religious video of the most Biblical sort. I mean, talk of hell, demons, and the like. Stuff even Christians might laugh at you about. Imagine having atheist youtube friends who see everything you "like" and who can look at every comment you make. Aaargh! Everyday, the temptation comes on me to simply not "like" the video. It's a very powerful temptation, I will say. But, I tell myself I gotta fight. So I "like."

This means that folks on twitter, and across my social network are all seeing that Carole McDonnell has liked a video which talks about hell, speaking in tongues, etc. Tyrant Shame (from Pilgrim's Progress) is a terrible thing but not enough to make me deny what I believe to be true. It's a small thing and the mind says... "ah come on, you're not denying... you're just not letting folks see what you're watching." Ah, slippery slope of shame. Ain't gonna do it. I won't deny the Bible or the Lord knowing a cloud of witness is looking on....not to mention my Lord himself.

The opposite problem also occurs. Imagine clicking "like" on a Harry Potter video when one knows Christians are watching. Or on a horror movie or even a vaguely sexy movie. Much the same. Ah well...but you gotta do what you gotta do... be yourself.

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