Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm always amazed at how clueless people are about the holiness of God and about our own lack of holiness toward Him and toward others.

One friend said, "When I die, and I'm in heaven, I'm going to ask God why He allowed such and such to happen to me because I just don't see why He allowed this."

Oh, really? Oh, really? NO! I don't think we're gonna be able to ask God anything about why He allowed anything. Some folks might think it shows their closeness to God and their powerful friendship to God...("Hey, God is my Father and I can say anything to Him yadda yadda...") NO! Ain't gonna happen.

When we stand before God we are, like Job, speechless! Job, like a lot of the prosperity gospel types believed that gain was godliness. When he finally saw that there were a lot of strange things in the world and the world is beyond his comprehension (and God didn't even tell him about Satan) he said he was speechless.

The boldness of some people!

So when we die, the first thing we will be is speechless.

When we get the life review and our life passes before our eyes and we see how we have affected people, for better and for worse, we will be speechless.

When our life passes before our eyes and we see how much we did not know about the people we gossiped about, or slighted, or didn't esteem, we will be speechless.

When we see how many of our troubles that we said was God -caused was really caused by the devil, the world, or (God forbid!) US, we will be speechless.

When we see how many times God spoke to us and guided us but we didn't think He spoke at all (because that wasn't what we had faith or desire to do) and got furious at Him, we will be speechless.

When we see that some great well-reasoned word we spoke to someone which we thought did so much good for God was really totally nothing and ineffective... but some silly off-the-cuff comment we said converted a hardened sinner, we will not be able to boast, we will be speechless because it was the Holy Spirit doing the work and we were totally unaware.

When we see so many of the great televangelists and pastors who had healed the sick and raised the dead and cast out demons being put in hell or with tiny little shacks in heaven while some prostitute is given a great mansion, we will be speechless.

When we see ourselves in heaven, knowing full-well we do not deserve to be there, we will be speechless.

 Honestly, we American Christians talk much too much...and are know-it-alls about so many things. But the Great day will come when we are speechless.

God is holy, holy, holy. And we are not. He is loving and we are not. He looks upon the heart and not the appearance.....we do not.

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