Friday, July 15, 2011

Dark Parables: Yet another apocalyptic dream

All these dreams about deluges. What the heck is coming?

I dreamed I and a janitor were cleaning the floors of an observatory. We seemed to be in the basement and we were pushing the cleaning materials ahead of us and through a hallway. I was barefoot (feet unshod?) when I saw the floor was strewed with thorns and splinters and I knew my feet would be really hurt when I stood on them. I complained about that and the janitor who was with me did something and the thorns disappeared. I went to the top floor and a great deluge was coming over the side of the observatory. People were screaming because they thought they were trapped with no way to get out. They feared they would all be drowned. But I went through some doors to the  other side of the observatory. It was strange but here the waters hadn't reached the top of the observatory on this side. It was as if all the waters had piled up on one side but somehow not on this side. I looked out and all I could see was  a field. Yet I knew the water from the other side of the observatory would come up and somehow we'd be deluged. I decided to escape. Some folks were on this side of the observatory as well. They tried to run with me but they couldn't. As they tried to walk, some invisible thing kept holding them back. They seemed to come up against an invisible wall. I escaped and ran into the field in the darkness. I don't remember how the dream ended but I knew I was escaping and that somehow it was strange that I had escaped.

Got this interpretation from Rose-Marie and I think it totally works:

i think it is about how perspective can trap people and that God will make a way for us to escape if we are willing. Hang in there and go with the flow.

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