Monday, June 27, 2011

Anticipation?Of what?

Do interesting this new phase of my life.

This morning I stayed in bed and didn't have any reason to get up early. I walked downstairs leisurely about 7:30 feeling happy and free. Am still believing that God has sent His healing word to heal Gabe so am anticipating the manifestation of the healing. But for the moment, until the healing grows into fruition, I'm writing, cleaning, and watching younger son play with soap bubbles in his kiddie pool in the back of our yard. No school system hassles for the first time in 16 years! What a blessing being free from the school system is!

A teacher who works there dropped by to bring Gabe's diploma, a poster with photos of him at the school, him with his graduation picture, an autograph book and other stuff. Sure, I got all weepy. Because for me they are all signs of how abnormal his life has been. I would've wanted to see a regular diploma and it would be good if Gabe could actually read the good wishes. Now, he doesn't even know he won't see some of his friends again. But I am hoping in God. I have to remember that God is working. Wanted to cry when I saw everything but I am resting in God's word. Let God be true and every prophetic child-limiting prognosticating pontificating teacher and educator a liar.

Am sitting around, walking around, anticipating. Anticipating Gabe's miracle, anticipating financial blessings, anticipating healing for myself. So what do I do while I anticipate? I can praise God. Many Christians have done nothing for years, thinking they're waiting for God when God has whispered directions they were too busy to hear. Ah, the still small voice! Not to mention our doubts about the rhema spoken directly to us. I'm determined, though, to let His word (in Scripture and those words spoken to my spirit) be a lamp to my feet. One small step at a time. And with praises... walking by faith that God has done what I asked what I need Him to do, what I begged him to do. Just trusting in His love, His power, His word, and His idea of what true delivering Christianity should be.

So...yeah...walking by faith and not by sight. Thanking God that He has healed my glorify His Son.

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