Wednesday, June 01, 2011

That justice forgiveness thing again

Okay, so there I was lying in bed trying to sleep when all of a sudden OUT of the blue I start thinking of Terry Schiavo's husband.

Anyways, there I was lying in bed when I remember all this (from years ago mind you, and suddenly out of the blue) and I start remembering ALL the injustices in the world. Folks who were lynched whose murderers got away. Innocent people killed by police brutality.... and I find myself getting angrier and angrier.

Then it all leads into the whole "why the heck has God put a law in place that we should we forgive folks, even murderers, in order to be forgiven?" and "why the heck has God made it possible that even very evil murderers like Hitler can be forgiven?" It's not as if I want to go around hating murderers -- especially the evil ones like Hitler-- but  really! True, vengeance is God's but ultimately God's idea of vengeance to poor the punishment on Jesus? I know Jesus bore all our punishments but the idea that Jesus had to be punished for what Mr Schiavo, what bad cops, what Hitler, what Mao Tse Tung, did...well, it annoys me.

Then I get so upset and afraid because I'm annoyed and I know I'm so close to getting mad at the way God has set up the world. I say, "Am I a horribly vindictive person because I want Mr Schiavo to be punished or to understand the anguish that Terry's folks went through?" What would he think, what would he do if his two children were suddenly struck down with some illness and he had to ponder pulling the plug? And would I want Mr Schiavo to "see the light" and thus be all out forgiven? Aaargh! It really annoys me.

I would so love to believe that God will harden baddies in their heart so that they can never be saved. I would so love to believe that some folks are meant to be lost...but so far..... aaargh.

And so here I am today...suddenly peeved out of the blue ...for no reason that I can think of. I suppose all I have to say is that we live in a world ruled by Satan, "the god of this world" and Satan messes up our idea of truth. Heck, he has even turned Christianity into a religion based on legalism where Christians think that leading folks to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and teaching folks right and wrong is the true gospel of grace. It's all so upsetting. I really should get some sleep or I'll just end up thinking of all sorts of other upsetting stuff.

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