Sunday, June 05, 2011

pondering and not quite trusting the hubby's path but keeping silence

My sweetie, has the habit of always reading scientific books or religious books about science.  It disturbs me greatly. Hey, I'm trying to get myself and younger son healed. So it often feels as if...well, as if hubby's path isn't quite mine.

I mean if one reads philosophical books on the Biblical God or scientific books on the Biblical God, is it God whom one believes or science?

I kinda can't get my head around it because it's not the path I traveled to God. And to me it's like such a waste of time when he should be praising God. I mean, he believes in God and praises God and does his Bible study every morning....and prays..  yes, yes, that's it. When he prays, he doesn't quite seem to have the hang of God as a friend or a Father. There's this weird emotional disconnect. And that's what bother's me. Granted his family are not exactly the most emotionally connected folks, but really.... his talking to God.... aaargh... I just don't think the scientific path to God is gonna help him rest in God and see God in a loving way. I mean thank God for quantum physics and archeological finds and intelligent design and all that stuff stuff but I wonder.

But I've decided to keep my mouth shut on all this. I mean, nagging him to simply love and trust God instead of examining every little thing God does...well, it's not gonna help. I've tried. And folks who try to love God with the mind...well....

Okay I'll keep my mouth shut and mind open on this turning out all wonderfully spiritually well. Cause, like I said...I don't know what's going on with his path...not having trodden it. It's not everyone who is blessed enough to have had religious nut relatives and to have seen demons and angels. So I'll ....keep quiet.

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