Sunday, June 19, 2011

A strange wonderful little meaningful thing

Okay, this will make some folks laugh and snigger goes:

I was playing Othello against my computer when I got a call from someone I met on the internet. I was talking to her on the internet where she has a radio show and she was talking about how she needed prayer so I sent her my tel #. She called and I got up from playing the Othello game. We prayed, a really wonderful time of prayer then we hung up and I went back to my computer. I sat there looking where to click on the game and that's when I saw it....when I left the game the entire gameboard had been in this beautiful symmetrical design. It was as if my eyes were suddenly tuned and I saw the perfect beautiful SYMMETRICAL pattern. Now, this is not the kind of thing one would see at all. And there is no way I could have planned this design. I would have had to program the computer to do this. ("If I go here, then you must go there" kinda thing.) My luck with this game is so far 41 wins out of 388 games played. I had left the game the minute when she called and it turned out to be the PERFECT time to leave it because if I had played another move the pattern would have been lost and I would not have noticed it at all. I mean, I never look at the patterns the black and white discs are making when I play the game. 

If I had not gotten up, I wouldn't have left it in this perfect pattern.
If my eyes had suddenly not SEEN the pattern, it would have been lost. 

My eyes actually widened at the pattern because it was so perfect and the timing of me getting up and leaving it, then suddenly being drawn to see it...well God had to be doing it. To make the pattern, to delay the pattern from being changed before I saw it, to make my eyes see the pattern when I returned.

I was utterly stunned. I wish I could explain to you how perfectly beautiful and symmetrical that pattern a rose window...and there is no way I could have blundered into it ..It had to be that God had been leading me without me knowing it.

That's when it dawned on me that God was showing me that we are in the middle of things, floundering around, but even then we don't see the beauty he is creating. I wish I could explain the weirdness of this situation. But it gave me a great peace...because it showed me two things. 1. God is working in us, even when we are stumbling around and don't think He is. 2. After the troubled situation ends, we will see that God was working with us all the time. (kinda like all those times in the Bible when God says "after the miracle then you will know I was with you." and "after you have brought the people out of Egypt then you will know I was the one who led you out." and "After you are healed, then you will know it was I who healed you." So many signs from God are understood as signs only AFTER the accomplishment of some deed that depends on faith in his spoken. 3) After the troubled situation ends, God will let me see the great pattern I was making and working through in my life.

This game pattern thing is the sort of cute thing God does with me. (I'm sure he has other personalized cute way of talking with others who are his people.) ..and I realized it also connected with 1 Kings 12 (or was it 1 Kings 13?) when the prophet got a word from the Lord about Jeroboam but then didn't listen to the word because someone older said to discard and dismiss the personal word he had received. Sometimes we get a word (or in this case a pattern) from the Lord that tells us something. It speaks to our heart but others might consider it totally weird and something created out of our own minds (I'm telling you I looked everywhere on the internet for this particular pattern to see if it came up often in game play...and this pattern was NOWHERE!) Yet, when folks don't believe the vision -- or the pattern-- we have to hold on to the visionary hope and insight we have been given. To share it by telling it to some more rationalisitic people (or pessimistic people, or people who live in a closed universe) is like casting pearls before swine sometimes. Because they don't think God would play like this or that God doesn't communicate like this or that God might be communicating but that you're putting the wrong interpretation on it or that you're just seeing things. But if the power of such a sign (or in this case the Othello pattern) was so strong as to make me sit back in wonder, then I will share it because I believe it's God winking at me.

It also connects to a sermon I heard about trusting in the word of God. Although we get visions or dreams or signs/patterns in Othello gameboards, they must point to God and God's word. So seeing the pattern reminded me of God telling us that the daystar will rise in our hearts (there are things we will know in our spirit) and yet, we have A MORE SURE WORD of prophecy...which is the Bible. God has said He will restore us...and so although He restored and showed the created pattern, my hope in his restoration isn't in the sign alone but is in God's word. 

Commit all thy way to Him and He will direct thy paths.

It is the Father in US who does the works.

He is the vine and we are the branches. 

Christ in us..the hope of glory.  

‎"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."  Habbakkuk

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