Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The McDonnell's little Disaster Kit

Okay, so hubby and I were sitting in bed last night thinking about what would happen if the Indian Point nuclear power plant went into disaster mode. Then we talked about tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. A lot of this is because I've been getting dreams and I had one vision about something really horrible coming. Whether to the local area or to the state or to the country, I don't know. But there it is... this feeling that we should prepare.

So in addition to Psalm 91 and using my Christ-given authority to speak to mountains and nuclear disasters, what are we to do? In case of house fire, in case of tornado. We cleared the window on the second floor ...the one which was above the back porch. (His computer was in front of it.) Always good to have a place one can escape through in the middle of the night should a fire start.  And we figured we would probably go to the basement if a tornado popped up. We prayed that we would never be separated from the rest of our family. (That is what many Christians should pray for in these last days. We don't want to have some terrorism  trouble or some moon rock devastate the country and have our kids all over the map.) Then we got to thinking what we would do (not having a car, this is kinda out of the question), where we would go if the county was devastated, who we would hook up with in the neighborhood (a group being better than one family alone) if we couldn't get out of the country (if there are panicky traffic jams or the infrastructure is all destroyed because of earthquakes and people just can't move), and what we would have to pack and where we would put the packed stuff.

So... let's say we get some major bucks: here's what we're gonna do:
In the basement:
A big water-proof bag with sleeping bags.
Three bicycles
Food in non-paper packages
Can openers
Copies of family paperwork

Have course this means cleaning out the books and stuff from the basement.

We thought of which friends we would hook up with a la disaster films. So we won't be a family alone...with marauders and looters around. We haven't told them this yet, mind you.

There are some good ideas on NY preparedness which I have to sort through as well. Anyway, am now not exactly prepared but I'm prepared to be prepared to protect each other, kids, dogs and even annoying indifferent half-feral cats.

Then, if we hear some icky siren blast in the middle of the night or in the day, we are somewhat prepared. Either to camp out in the basement while the tornado or whatever blows over. Or to take stuff out of the basement in the days following. So silly to have to think of these things...but it's the thing to do in these last days when anything weird can happen. 

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