Monday, October 13, 2008

Jacob, James, and King James

I was utterly surprised when I heard a sermon in which a minister was actually talking about that which is perfect is come meaning the KJV Bible.

Yes, there are still people who absolutely worship the King James Version of the Bible as if the translation is the work of God. What does one do with people like this? Okay, one's mouth falls open with surprise that there are still people out there who think that God personally oversaw the translation of the KJV. But then again, there are people out there whose mouth drop open in amazement when we Christians actually talk about hearing from God. So, I'm not gonna get too pushy.

But honestly! I won't go into the various errors that are in the KJV but I'll just start with one: The changing of the name of Jesus' brother from Jacob to James. Through one translation weirdness to another. From Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English. What is listed as the letter of Jacob becomes the letter of James. Every reference to Jacob, the Lord's brother becomes James. Every application of the name Jacob in the new testament becomes James. So James the Least "Little James" one of Jesus disciple was actually Little Jacob. And James and John we actually Jacob and Yohanan. Now, we can accept John because it's all a matter of dialect translation. Yohanan becomes John, or Ewan, or Ian or Yan or Jan depending on what language one speaks. Same for Miriam. Mary. Maria, Marie, Maryam. The same for Yeshua: Jesus, Joshua, Iesu. But the leap from Jacob to James!!!! Nah, that is too much, and it's an error in many of the latin-based translations. So why do the KJV folks worship it so much.

Yeah, yeah, I know. the KJV is my favorite translation also.
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