Monday, October 27, 2008

One day is as a thousand years

Peter tells us that one day with God is as a thousand years. And a thousand years is as a day. A lot of pastors use this phrase to mean "one day IS a thousand years." Those are the ones who are usually trying to show people that God is using some sort of clock and that there are 6000 years of time to be fulfilled, yadda yadda. (They do this even though we aren't supposed to be adding numbers and trying to pinpoint the time of Christ's coming.)

It's a grammatical twist used to push a spiritual idea. But grammatical twist aside I don't think Peter meant it the way it's often used by modern pastors.

Think of it: one day to God is like a thousand years. This reminds me of Psalm 139 The thought God has about us in a single day is more than the sands. Can you imagine the thoughts God has about every single person on earth?

And a thousand years is as a day. God is eternal. He seems our lives in Time sequences and con-sequences that we can never dream of. He sees our forefathers and descendants in a single glimpse. He lasts forever.

That would be a thing to really sit down and ponder, as opposed to forcing an equation that really isn't order to force an interpretation that isn't there either. -C

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Anonymous said...

I read in Mere Christianity about God's timing. I can't think of the chapter name, but in paraphrasing, I think Lewis was saying what you are saying: That when people speak of an On Time God, our timing really isn't His timing. God could still be on day one,and foresee all of our futures and such...

Wow, such magnitude in thinking...


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