Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sins Jesus Hated

Hypocrisy, selfishness, greediness, unforgiveness, indifference to god, wasting of resources, worrying about one's life, not trusting God, divorcing your wife to get a new one, doing only the basics of religious duty, not loving God with all one's heart and one's mind, self-rigtheousness, love of power, love of being honored by humans, prejudice against the poor and against foreigners, and against those we consider unholy, spiritual sloth, anger, disregard for the poor, committing adultery in your heart.

The ten commandments doesn't mention any of these sins. But these are the sins Jesus talked about over and over and over. Sins of the heart.

Many Christians say Jesus freed us from the curse of the law and they think of the ten commandments. (and the Law) and so they continue to indulge in hypocrisy, etc. By doing this, they end up with cheap grace. God says, "you will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart." Jesus said, "we must stay in the vine."

How can we be angry with God for not doing what we want or answering our prayers when we are still sinning the sins Jesus so hates?

Jesus came to bring joy and peace and truth to our spirit. He does this by the holy spirit. The holy spirit was not able to go into the hearts of everyone in such a way in the old testament. But now the holy spirit is being poured out on all men. And yet, do Christians love God every day of the week? Do those who rejoice in the spirit on weekends rejoice in the spirit all week?


Anonymous said...

Good point. Its what I like to call "part time Christian" -a person who loves God on Sunday and forget Him during the weekday,it's sad really because were to be the salt of the earth.

For me, personally, I follow most commandments, (maybe I should keep Sabbath a little more holy, stop missing days because of school work).

Good post, Carole.

Dawn Fortune said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and I like what I see. I see what strikes me as "real Christianity" as opposed to that fake stuff that seems to be shouted by old white guys in fancy suits and with bad hairpieces.

I like the concept of sin as you describe it, too. I grew up Catholic, but left the church in my 20s, then became a Unitarian, but now identify primarily as a pagan leading a solitary spiritual existence. To me, worship and meditation are things that to be done in private - to share it publicly somehow takes away the real-ness of the experience. That is not to say I cannot or do not learn spiritual things from other people, merely that I do not feel comfortable praying with others.

I have recently signed up to do this once a day blog thing, and the concept of sin is something I think I might write about, if not today, then perhaps another day. Certainly I will look at it this month.

Thank you for showing me a gentle, Christian approach to sin. It was a much kinder version of what I had experienced previously.

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