Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who God wants us to vote for

I'm always amazed when I hear Christians talk about God wanting to bless America. First of all, we really don't know that. The United States is responsible for so much heart-ache and corruption in this world. Our government, movie industry, and wealthy corporations have overturned so many countries, killed financial growth in other countries, propagated racism, poisoned our food supply etc, etc, etc. So why should God want to bless us?

Am thinking of all this cause I had a dream about John McCain a few months back. Yeah, imagine my surprise. And actually, he was kinda nice. Now, let's assume the dream was not born from my brain but was actually sent there by God. Or maybe I "picked up" something in the ether. Some would say God might be telling me who to vote for. Others might say God is telling me who will win. A vast difference there.

The weird thing is that before Bill Clinton became president I had a dream about Hillary Clinton. She was quite nasty to me. And from that moment I totally disliked her. Yeah, I live in a weird reality where dreams matter to me.

But this is me and my dream. Many other Christians are saying they feel God wants them to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama. Generally, the white ones want McCain, the non-whites, and generally the Blacks, want Barack. These folks are utterly convinced that God wants them to vote for these people.

Question, though, when some Christians get a hint from God as to who to vote for, why do they assume that the reason God hints at voting for a certain person is because the person is good for the country. Is it possible that God wants us to vote for the person who will destroy the country? Hey, the Almighty is subtle. In the book of Kings and Chronicles, God often arranged for the wrong person to become king so that the kingdom could be punished. Will see.

Right now, I pretty much trust that God knows human nature. He knows, for instance, how spiteful Hillary Clinton's supporters are. He knows how many blacks want to vote for Barack simply because he's black, and how many whites don't want to vote for Barack because he's black. He knows how it'll all come out in the mix. Will see. -C


Anonymous said...

I listened to the debates and I am tired...I mean just tired of the going back and forth.November 4th is almost here and I just know that whoever is elected, God's hand must be in it. I will exercise my right to vote especially on issues dear to me and my family, yet I know God is ultimate judge, so...who knows? :)

Carole McDonnell said...

Both candidates aren't answering the main points because the corporate media isn't allowing the third and fourth party candidates to join into the debates. Sad, but Obama is the lesser of two evils. But not by much. I'm probably going to vote for Ralph Nader. Will see.

Do you ever watch Linktv? If you can watch it sometime...-C

Anonymous said...

Linktv? I should watch it though.

Carole McDonnell said...

It's tough to watch. We black christians unfortunately are in the middle of most political debates and no politician really reflects our views re so many policies. We are rarely perfectly conservative or perfectly liberal. We don't follow the line drawn by white or feminist or non-religious or religious politicians. So LinkTv is good for many things. It certainly shows the real news. But on the same time, they have moments of utter anti-Christian sneering. It's a tough thing. If you can watch anything, try to watch their documentaries and Democracy Now. -C

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