Monday, October 13, 2008

What Would Jesus Buy

A great DVD for those who want to challenge our nation's addiction to buying is What would Jesus Buy? Ah! Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Now!

Here's the synopsis:
Take heed brothers and sisters! The shopacalypse is upon us! America is fat with greed and addicted to shopping. Luckily, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir are here to save our souls from overspending! In the weeks leading to Christmas, Reverend Billy and the Choir board a bus headed from advertising-thick Times Square through the heartland’s shopping malls to the commercial mecca—Disneyland. Part performance art, part spendthrift evangelism, they cross the US singing and preaching to spend gently. With the average American holding about $8,500 in credit card debt, his work is overdue. Reverend Billy is serious in his message. He doesn’t preach the impossible task of never buying again, but encourages us to be mindful of where our dollars go. We visit a Main Street men’s clothing store struggling for customers against the Wal-Mart up the road and a line of Christmas shoppers waiting to buy an Xbox 360 lest they feel the wrath of their consumption-addicted children. Billy and the choir go caroling to incite ‘change-a-lujah!’ along front porches in gated community and from church pulpits. They’re making trouble, evading Mall of America security, and just like the rest of us, they’re fighting the urge to buy for the sake of spending. By the time they get to Disneyland, you may find yourself converted, ready to buy American and swear-off big box stores in favor of your local merchants. -Rose Vincelli, SilverDocs

One of the producers is Morgan Spurlock, the same guy who did Supersize Me.

Here's a youtube trailer:

Another clip:

Here's an article on the documentary over at democracy now.

It played at the SF Indie documentary festival Oct -Nov 2008


Anonymous said...

That Rev. Billy is hilarious! But he makes a very serious point. We all need to stop this holiday spending and learn to make things or just spend time with one another. It'll take some work for most of us though. I will probably spend less this year if at all. Last year was much, but this year, I think I'll just do cards and food.

Carole McDonnell said...

It's always amazing what God calls us to do. He has so many different kinds of work for us. I know some folks will think he's mocking Christians but I really see him as doing God's work. -C

Anonymous said...

I see him as doing the Lord's work too :)

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