Monday, March 16, 2009

Gabe update -- remember us in your prayers

Well, today the social worker at the school called to tell me that if my son doesn't stop acting up they will be forced to call in the crisis team which will take him away and put him in a state institution. They keep hinting at this. . . all the time!!!! The problem now is: can I take him out of the school system? I have no power to take him out of the school because I don't have guardianship. So it's one of those catch-22's. Your son is in pain and is acting up in school therefore we are ready to take him away from you and put him in an institution because he is 19 and he is the one who must speak for himself as an adult because he is an adult. But he cannot speak for himself because he is 19 and you can't speak for him because the guardianship papers aren't finished yet. You can spare yourself this horrible grief because if you take him out of school the crisis team can't take him and institutionalize him but you can't take him out of school because he's 19 and the guardianship papers aren't done yet.

All this because the kid is in pain and has a bad sinus headache and is suffering. I've had no sleep for I don't know how long. I'll be keeping Gabe in for the next few days. Don't know what it'll do but will try to work on his sinuses.
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