Sunday, March 15, 2009

Art, murder, love

What a stressful day the past three days have been! There I was -- totally sure and aware that a certain beloved character had been poisoned-- but dang if I could figure out how he ended up in that unfortunate position. I tried to have my main character do it. But to no avail. He balked. Then, mercifully, after brainstorming with Jessica, a writer buddy, I figured that mystery out.

One good thing that popped up, though, was that I discovered a hateful spiteful anger in a character whom I thought was rather sweet. Turned out I hadn't really understood his anger. I'd been trying to make him be rather noble but it never worked. I kept saying I couldn't find his personality. Alas, I couldn't see it cause I was trying not to. But now, wow! I see him. So, it was fun and a bit scary to feel his hurt and how it led to malicious anger. So that was good.

But then I had to figure out the sex scenes. Yes, Carole --Queen of the awkward sex scenes-- had to awkwardly write not one but two awkward sex scenes. And I've been trying to get to them for days. Am gonna force myself to get down to my characters getting down. However awkward and stressing it might be for them and for me! The story needs the scenes! I tried slipping by with some general summary but nah! didn't work.

I ended up spending a great deal of time researching and watching videos about directing and writing sex scenes, passion, and kissing. This is one of the best because it combines both a discussion of art, technique, and passion.

So, today will be spending most of the time in bed with my characters. I hope I enjoy it. -C

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