Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well, that should have it covered

I got up this morning with one of my, "I simply cannot take this house anymore! I want a new life!" frustrations. (I'm so hoping the Iron Man money will help us fix it in addition to paying off the old debts because I just want to scream sometimes. And again, I'm way happy some gorgeous young rich thing hasn't popped up to take me away from all this.)

So I said two specific prayers to God. One: "Lord, someone must want our house. Bring them to us. Amen." And "Lord, let the printing folks across the street buy this house. Let them call us. I'm sure they can use it." Then I kinda made an attempt to pull the hubby into a bargain with God. "Luke, what would you do for God to let us win a lotta money in lotto tonight so we can get out of this house into a wonderful new house? (Yeah, yeah, I know. Religion isn't the opiate of the poor; lotto is. As long as we think we can become rich one day we don't rise up against the system. But I digress.) Adopt unadoptable children? Go to Africa and preach the gospel?"

Hubby, of course, is way too disinclined to be specific. So, what was his specific prayer? "Lord, guide us as to what we should do with this house. Lead and direct us." And what was his attempt at a bargain? "Uh, I dunno. I'll do whatever God tells me to do."

Now, a part of me was quite proud to see his readiness to obey and to submit to "whatever" God wants. I thought, "What a sweet, holy devout guy I've got!" But the other part of me was thinking, "Oh, puhleze! Don't some preachers say we must make our prayers specific?" So, well, we have it all covered on both sides, I suspect. I think I kinda believe in both kinds of prayers. Cause sometimes we don't know how we should pray. But times like that we should perhaps pray in tongues or pray YOUR WILL BE DONE." But other times, it seems we have to be specific. . . or else the situation doesn't change. Like we need to know what the exact cause is of a problem so we can speak to it, address it, etc. Will see. I don't think I ever made that bargain with God yet. And there's still time to buy lotto. . . or for the guys from across the street to walk over and say they want our house. ;-) -C

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