Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Okay, so last night I was praying in tongues and the Lord reminded me of Emily Dotson's schedule and itinerary. I was supposed to see her last year at a healing service in Chatham NY but yadda yadda yadda hubby and I didn't make it. I really feel I'm being told by God to go now. It's closer...in Brooklyn.

So I called the number given on Emily's site and the minister called me back. YAY!!! What a wonderful encouraging talk! He had just read an article about the miraculous healing of a boy from autism. And he's Jamaican. And he totally has this wonderful faith. We understood each other. The guy can talk faith into anyone on the phone. Like Emily. And there was a little godwink in our conversation, he casually said in his prayer for me: "nothing missing, nothing broken." Which is the meaning of Shalom: Peace, with nothing missing, nothing broken. My husband is always saying that in his prayers.

During our talk I told him about my tendency to whine and to talk about my issues and Gabe's issues. Affirming the pathological truth instead of the spiritual truth that by Jesus Blood I was healed. Even God has told me about this. So from now I'm gonna "let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in God's site." The temptation to affirm the pathological truth instead of the spiritual truth tends to come about out of the need to be understood, out of self-pity, out of grief and frustration. But now: NADA!

Anyway, the service will be March 28! And DEO VOLENTE I'm gonna be there.

Location: Hill of the Lord Ministries - glory temple
Apostle Samuel A. Appiah, General Overseer / Senior Pastor
Co-Pastor Ruth Ward Appiah
331 37th Street (bet. 3rd & 4th Avenues)
Brooklyn, New York 11232
Tel. 718-965-6290
Email: info (AT) hillofthelord.org

Saturday March 28th 2009 10 am -4 pm

Apostle Samuel A. Appiah, Senior Pastor & Overseer of Hill of the Lord Ministries, Brooklyn, NY

Pastor Beverly Denise Edens, Worship Leader of Hill of the Lord Ministries
Brooklyn, NY

Guest Speaker, Emily Dotson
of Healing and Restoration Ministries, Inc. of King, North Carolina - was supernaturally healed from terminal lupus and paralysis.

Guest Speaker, Pastor Sean Edwards of The Faith Place St. Albans, NY
Guest Speaker Pastor Stacy Young of Glorious Hope Ministries, Brooklyn, New York

Directions found here

Well, am now committed to speaking only of God's power and truth.


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Is all I can say. Do you know what your writing does to people Carole...and you're my namesake. O.k., O.k. maybe the Father is just putting you in my way so I can learn from you. You just write what is going on with you, right out there for all to see, including "last night I was praying in tongues". I know that's what blogging is, but I didn't know we Christians were supposed to do it like this! But I guess this is the only way to let God's light shine out of us. We have to show ourselves. Oh boy!
Love, Princess Ayo

Carole McDonnell said...

Hi Ayo!

It's tough being honest as a blogger. Especially for me. Cause I am a secular author and I know people just think we Christians are odd but I write because the Lrd is who is most important. I'm pushing away the fear of man. I won't deny Christ.

So yeah, i was in dire distress. Son was suffering, I was suffering. I prayed and prayed...and honestly, I couldn't think of what else to pray so I figured I'd pray in the spirit. So lay in bed sleepless as heck -- about 9 days straight of no sleep-- and having tried everything pharmaceutical for son's pains ....well, sometimes you just have to pray in tongues. And while I was doing that...the still small voice said: Emily Dotson's healing service, remeber?

So I went online and checked on the exact dates. And I intend to go this time. But even so I learned a lot from the minister on the phone. Stuff I already kenw but needed encouragement in. So am not going to affirm the pathological illnesses. Will do the nutritional and medical stuff but will not talk about them. Will only affirm taht God has healed us... Wie have what we say, the Bible says. And I've been saying what I pathologically have for much too long, and that blocks out and comes against God's word. I can't be having sweet and sour coming from the same spring. The tongue is the rudder...and I must finally commit to that.

If you decide to write a Christian blog, it can be putting yourself out there for folks to argue with you...but it's for God.-C

Anonymous said...

Amen Carole :)

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