Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hagar and Keturah

More and more I find myself wondering about why Christian ministers don't look a little at what the old Hebrew rabbis said about the books of Moses.

For instance, we have Christians hating on Zipporah. Yet, in Judaism she is considered one of the great Circumcisers of Israel. The descendant of Midian (and Keturah) who reminded Moses of the circumcision covenant and who said to Moses, "There is a blood covenant between you and me, my husband." If they also studied Zipporah, they would also not even be thinking of hating on the "ethiopian/midianitish woman"

But it's the issue of Hagar and Keturah which is really interesting. And the weird thing is how important this discussion and issue is in Judaism but Christians are utterly unaware that the Midrash has often stated that Hagar and Keturah are the same person.

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