Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dang, did I just smile?

I will be the first to say that I tend to be grim. At least, I seem to be prone to a kind of kneejerk grimness. But today I walked outside! YAY!! It was so nice outside. I was actually smiling. The healing service is certainly having its effect. And the sinusitis meds for Gabe certainly aren't hurting. (This kid is gonna -- is GONNA!- learn how to take pills. He's pretty good about the Cipro Rid being dissolved in his juice though! That thing is bitter!) So, yeah, I'm relatively whimsical today. Kept son home today. Yep, i know...it's going on his third week of no school. And next week is spring break! He's doing well but he was kicking this morning so I decided it was best to keep him in. I've determined to give him whatever he likes and to trust that God has freed him from eating only chocolate cookies. So will be plying his lunch box with cookies until the prayer manifest and he shows signs of actually eating normal food. Better than him getting tummy issues.

Tomorrow is the day we start looking in the mailbox for the Marvel check. I am totally convinced it's coming tomorrow via Fed Ex. Cause the Marvel lady said April 1. But hubby thinks that'll be the day it gets mailed. Oh men!

Ah, the stuff I want to do with this money!

Am wondering what to do with my hair. I've washed it and not combed it all winter. When I tell you I'm reclusive, I'm reclusive. But this Jamaican heritage and the scarf thing pretty much allows me to just put on the old "tie-head" and go outside. But now I want to cut it. I always cut it short behind my husband's back...cause he HATES me cutting it. (Cause I look like a guy...and he ends up walking downtown holding hands with a fat black person who looks like a guy. Poor guy.) So, will have to be sneaky about it. Off to do the dishes.

In the meantime, enjoy!


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