Monday, March 30, 2009

Arrest of autistic boy

I mean, honestly! This society has no respect for its disabled! Arresting an autistic little boy!

Two good places to keep track of autism news

Autism news twitter

Age of Autism Blog


Lorrie said...

This is outrageous. We had the same thing happen in our school district to a 7...yes I said 7 year old boy. The bad thing is the paper didn't pick up the story. We only found out through the Asperger's support group.

Carole McDonnell said...

There seems to be this need to demonize autistic if they are just so out of the ken of normalcy...some weird freaks of nature. It's the weird idea that it's all about some neurological illness that makes them lack a soul. That's what's really behind it. And frankly, I am so pissed when people do this kinda thing. It's like the witch hunts. -C

Lisa said...

oh for heaven's sake -what next. I can't believe this. The poor kid - he must have been horribly scared by he ordeal.

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