Friday, March 13, 2009

Gabe's dental plan

Okay, so there we were waiting around for the legal firm to finish the guardianship paperwork. Basically: it's tough to get a kid who's been diagnosed as autistic any healthcare after he's 18 without the guardianship papers. Health providers wonder who'll pay. So we're kinda in between everything. . . with no healthcare for the kid. But YAY! because we know the Iron Man money's coming in April, I went ahead and made an appointment for the 9th of April with Valley Pediatric Dentistry

So how did this happen? Well, I was on a blog I usually read and she talked about her son's dental surgery. . . and that led me to another blog she linked to where a father discusses the harrowing times parents of autistic kids might have at the dentist. . . and then there is the issue of my son's wobbly teeth. (The gum issue we can handle cause we use neem extract and gengigel --a drug used for gum healing which I always ask my brother in England to buy) --yeah, yeah, i know...closing the barn door after the horses are let loose but better late than never. Anyway that wobbly tooth!

So this morning I was listening to K104 (Yeah, I listen to rock and to hip hop in the morning) and heard an ad for the aforementioned dentist.

1) They handle pediatric dentistry -- kids as old as 21! YAY
2) They handle special needs children (Do not let me even try to explain what a papoose case means. And even then after awhile, Dr Ginzburg, Gabe's former dentist had to give up on him. Am hoping they have a large papoose for Gabe. Yeah, he's a slender kid but... )
3) They do in-office sedation. (Totally gets rid of the hospital business.)

I think this was God's leading.


Anonymous said...

That is so great, Carole. I have to catch up on some of your posts that I've missed, or read but didn't have time to comment on. I think that we have lots to say to each other.

Hadn't heard of gengigel - I'll have to look it up. For tooth strength and re-mineralization the fat soluble vitamins (vitamin K2 especially) are really important. Which reminds me - better go give The Boy some cod liver oil now, before I forget again. :-)

Nothing missing, nothing broken.
God bless you and yours.

Carole McDonnell said...

Wow! Will try to get vitamin K2. Thanks for telling me. Yep, we're cod liver oilers too. I totally wish we had begun to do that when he was younger. Or even to massage him with flax seed oil. Those old wives knew a lot. Wouldn't it be weird to find out that there would have been many autistic kids back in the day if the moms hadn't forced cod liver on their kids?

Have a great weekend! -C

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