Monday, March 16, 2009

One miserable act of stumbling and 3 acts of divine grace

Well, am up today. Aaargh! Doing well considering.

Yesterday, I stumbled quite badly. Someone got me so annoyed I was shaking and ended up screaming at her about how ill I was feeling and why did she have to get all superior with me when I was feeling like sh*t. Not good. Hey, bad enough I mind losing my temper (because as already said I get very snippy when I lose my temper) but I actually mentioned the pathological truth of certain illnesses in my body and my son's body when I've been pretty good about keeping to my promise to speak only the theological truth. By Jesus' wounds I was healed. God heals all our diseases. But that is over with ...and the day ended up with three very lovely moments of grace.

First, there I was in bed --still shaking from being so angry with that twitty woman. I was pondering the sex scenes I've been trying to write. (Sex scenes which have been difficult because I am really quite bad at writing sex scenes. Plus the situation for my character and her two husbands is also a bit awkward. Not because she has two husbands but because she's a captive plus these guys have issues.) So I said to hubby at my side, "okay, so there are tons of different kinds of kisses. Give me a kiss that comforts me." He gave me a long sweet kiss on the nose. "Okay, give me a kiss that is playful." He gives me a sweet little peck on the lips. "Give me a kiss that is playful, affectionate, etc." By the end of this creative exercise I was just hugging him. He is such a sweet guy. So that was one.

Then I said to him, "Guess whom I'm thinking of." (Okay, I might have said "who." Dang I might not speak perfect English in bed.)
He said, "James Spader."
I kinda rolled my eyes. "Why would I think of James Spader?"
"Well, you said to try to guess who you were thinking of."
"Try again."
"I have no idea."
"I was thinking of David Constable." David Constable is a friend we haven't seen in a long while whose wife died around fifteen years ago. He had always been vital but after she died, he suddenly aged a great deal. We haven't seen him since he sold their house and moved to another state fifteen years ago.
"You won't believe this."
"Of course I will."
"Ten minutes ago I was just thinking of him."
"Oh, of course I believe it. I'm always thinking as I lie here in bed beside you. And for some reason I felt Holy Spirit say to ask you who I'm thinking of. So Holy Spirit probably wanted us both to be aware of David, or to be aware that we were thinking of him. Isn't it wonderful? We're one! Maybe Holy Spirit just wants us to know we're one and He is here with us. You comfort me after I made a fool of myself with twitty woman earlier."
But then it occurred to me. "But you know...maybe God wants us to pray for David. Who knows?" So we prayed for David, not knowing how to pray. Prayed for his happiness, his safety, whatever. Actually, come to think of it, I should have prayed in tongues cause I didn't know what the heck to pray for. And then that was it. I spent the night up and looking at the ceiling. No sleep. (Okay, that's the last time I'll talk about my sleep issues.)

Now the weird thing about that is that earlier I had thought of David and I hadn't mentioned it. I was watching different artists versions of the stagger lee song on youtube. Quite fun. And as I watched it, hubby had come down to watch it. He said, "Did you hear me playing Stagger Lee this morning on youtube?" I said, "No. I was surfing blogs and someone mentioned stagger lee so I went in search of the song." So that was odd.

This morning, as I dragged myself outta bed, I thought, "Wow, God has told someone out there to pray for me." It touched my heart.

Somebody somewhere is praying for me.

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