Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dark Parable: financial advice

I dreamed I was in a restaurant. I wanted to make a reservation. But that involved incurring a debt. I reconsidered. Then I went outside and saw my husband buried up to his neck in a deep hole. I was so upset that he would do that. He said, "Look, it's easy." And there was someone beside him in the hole who lifted him out just like that. I said, "Well, okay, but whatever you do, don't use that $7600."

I think this dream is referring to some money h ubby and I are expecting next week. I feel I'm being told not to incur any debt--especially on pleasures like eating out. One can fritter money away without realizing it. I was afraid my husband would mess us up with debt again and get us and himself into a hole up to his neck but I was shown that an angel or helper will help him. I don't know how much money we're going to get next week but I feel God is saying no matter what we must not use $7600. One thing I learned from playing simcity and simtower is that I tend to use up all my money then end up waiting for the next pay check to help me out. I've learned now that when I get money, I must save. And I think that's what the dream is saying.

I am a total believer that when God gives you a bit of matter how small..that one MUST obey it. He knows what's what. He knows what's coming up. So, whatever we get...$7600 of it will not be touched.


Lisa said...

oh my, buried up to his neck.
Yes, I too think it's a sign that you need to be frugal with the money, use it wisely.
yes, restaurants, coffees, a quick pop in to the grocery store will burn away.
I hope the money helps!

Carole McDonnell said...

Hey there. Yes, one can fritter away money without even knowing it. I take the advice and am gonna attempt to live with it. Restaurants be damned! -C

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