Thursday, December 06, 2007

God teaches the young

It takes such a long time for a kid to learn to be God's friend without relying on his parent's spirituality but I think it's beginning to happen with my son. I've been nagging God every day and night to make my son know Him.

Okay, some kids rely on God from the start. They had more than my share of trouble. But some kids, though... lazy. Or they think God is so distant. Or they think there is some special way to pray. But after a while, they learn to talk to him on their own. And that just makes a mom learn how to rest and to --kinda-- step aside (as best as she can.)

So my son had these traffic tickets. He challenges them. He goes down to the courtroom. A city copy standing nearby says, "Don't plead guilty. Those state troopers never show up."

My son thinks, "This is weird."

Then the lady at the counter who accepts payment for the ticket says, "You better not be paying for this ticket. Those state troopers never turn up."

My son thinks, "This is too strange."

Then another person in the courthouse says, "I hope you're not gonna pay that ticket."

Son thinks. "Way weird."

He goes into court and pleads "Guilty" then returns to pay for the ticket.

The lady at the window said, "Are you telling me you pleaded guilty when I just told you not to? Go back in this minute."

Son goes back in but court is out of session. He sits in seat and then judge who is packing up looks at him and says. "What's up with you?"

Son says, "I want to plead not guilty."

Judge says, "But you just pleaded guilty. Okay, then, court back in session. Come on up."

Son pleads, "Not guilty."

Judge says, "Come back next Thursday.:"

Son comes back next Thursday (Today) and goes into court. NONE of the cops show up. Not the city cops, not the state troopers. $300 worth of tickets cancelled.

Is God good or what?

I'm so happy. My son is just flabbergasted. He is learning now how faithful God is. That's all I want, for my son to know that God is a faithful friend and loving God. Then my son will serve Him all His days. Praise ye the Lord

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