Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Praise hopefully

I hate the phrase "praise God anyway."
I suspect there are some folks who see this little saying as advocating the power of praise to change situations and lives. But there are others who don't read their Bible enough to understand that. They feel as if the praiser is being bullied. As if the person is saying, "Life is crappy as hell but I'm gonna be obedient and praise God because theoretically, this is all from His hand and I'll just submit." It kinda reeks of martyrdom.

The truth of the matter is that we SHOULD praise God in all things. The Bible says praising God in all things is the will of God concerning us. It doesn't say the thing that has happened to us is the will of God. Quite frankly, we might have gotten into that mess all on our lonesome. But God has given us the tools to get our victory over that mess.

The tool is joy. Think of all those victories won in the Bible by the sacrifice of praise and by watering the word with thanksgiving.

So, when you praise God, praise with hope and joy. Praise knowing that the devil wants you to whine and murmur but that you understand that praise is a great weapon, the sword of the spirit in our mouths. Praise ye the Lord.

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