Sunday, December 16, 2007

Praise for life lessons

By life lessons I mean the little living parables we see in our life. Often those parables help us to believe and truly understand the word of God.

I know we really should trust what Jesus says, but let's face it. As Jesus said, "If I have told you about how things operate on earth and you don't believe, how will you believe when I tell you about how things operate in heaven." So, we are all pretty carnal. We have carnal earthly human ideas about how things work and plain and simply we often cannot see the workings of the kingdom of God.

Occasionally we get glimpses. For instance, I wasn't quite sure that what the Bible said about words was true. But then I said some negative things, some negative fears and the next thing I knew they had manifested. Once I audibly wished something bad would happen to someone (who wasn't present) and the next thing you knew.... YEah, I know. Some folks would consider this magical thinking, but I can't help it if the world is somewhat magical and if words are truly powerful things.

I also saw how powerful it was to resist speaking a negative fear or assumption. About three years ago I was battling a cold which annually became a nasty bout of bronchitis. Every year like clockwork it happened. So the cold came on me and I was in bed and so wanted to shout: "I am in so much pain because of this cold." But the Holy Spirit kept telling me that no matter what I was NOT to give in. My throat was burning and scratching and my ears were hurting and it seemed so cruel of God to not allow me to whine and scream out. But as I lay there everytime I was about to whine, I would subsitute a shout of praise. The upshot? The flu/bronchitis that had plagued me for years didn't manifest. This was a total miracle. It should have, it always did. Even stranger, I have never had the flu since that battle. That was three years ago. And yes, that made me believe that words do have effect when we restrain from affirming the negative symptom.

So now I'm learning about authority. But how? Well, we got this dog, remember? Just got him. He has a habit of getting up on our bed. And I have to order him off. Not that Hemo is a demon but I learned that he doesn't listen to authority readily. Just like sicknesses. We have to speak with authority a coupla times before he gets it. Plus even after he hears and finally obeys the word of authority, he returns to the bed some time later. IF I'm not consistent with ordering him off the bed, he doesn't take me seriously. Jesus spoke about that. A demon who leaves a "house" always wants to return if the house isn't full of the holy spirit's teaching. The same thing happens in the physical world with diseases. IT takes several months after getting over a flu for the flu to finally leave but for a while there, it just wants to linger. I also learned about agreement. IF I am telling something to "get behind me" or "get off my bed" or "be gone and be cast into the sea" and hubby or sons are allowing the same thing I'm battling, then there is no agreement. So far, I've got to admit I'm pretty inconsistent with doggie. One moment I allow him on the bed, the other, I tell him to get off.

But now that I have this visual representation and this visual proof of God's true word, then I can trust the Lord's words to be true. Praise ye the Lord

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