Saturday, December 29, 2007

Praise for inventions

They say necessity is the mother of invention. I'm so glad there's always an inventor around. So today I'm going to thank God for creating those immature people who couldn't accept things as they were. Imagine...some person wanted tomatoes (let's say) in winter. Well, too bad! They weren't around. But that very immature person invented a way to have his great ripe tomatoes in the middle of winter. Don't know if he invented the refrigerator or the trucking system or what...but he invented something.

Same praise goes to the inventor of the humidifier or the air conditioner. Think about it. Would we be able to have skyscrapers if there were no air conditioners? Not that i like air conditioners but you know they do help folks have jobs.

So, my praises for inventors.

A few weeks ago i downloaded a software called chimer which chimes every hour and on the quarter hour. I'm glad someone invented it. I needed something external to my mind to remind me to drink my water every hour. So yeah...there are immature kids out there whining about wanting some impossible thing. Wait, if guided and encouraged, they will come up with something pretty fascinating sooner or later (and after some pretty embarassing failures.) Praise ye the Lord for those creative immature people.

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