Friday, December 07, 2007

Praise for Growth

I really really really hate the cold. I don't like going out in it. Yet I find myself pulling on the old boots and tramping outside in all kinds of weather. Who knew? Obviously, in spite of myself, some growth is taking place. That simply amazes me.

I don't think I psyched myself up to grow. It just kinda happened. I STILL don't like the cold. And I still groan when snow starts falling. But I tackle it.

I can only assign praise to God for this. I thank Him for helping me to grow in spite of myself. Isn't it wonderful to think of the living active word of God doing its sanctifying work inside us? The seed grows silently and no one knows how. The wind blows where it wills. And no one knows how. All we, as believers in Christ are asked to do, is to read the Living word of God and trust it purify us and make us alive.

Praise ye the Lord.

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