Monday, December 17, 2007

Praise God for night-time dreams

I love dreams soooo much. Not only are they a kind of mini-vacation, but they are God's little nightly telephone call to us to guide us and to protect and enlighten us.

I cannot tell you how often God has used a dream to protect and guide me. I once had a dream in which two teenaged boys from up the road were beating my young 3 year old with iron pipes. Terrified I woke up. Around mid-day those two boys from up the road visited. They held up a little piece of yarn. "We want to play with Logan. We're playing cowboys and Indians." They let the yarn flow along my hand. "See it doesn't hurt. We won't hurt him." Needless to say although my son wanted to go out and play with them cause he was a lonely kid, I didn't. God had warned me.

In spite of the fact that doctors couldn't really help with the fibro, my health has been helped greatly by dreams of water and by coincidences that told me to drink water.

Many Christians don't think much about their dreams. Like Aristotle, they belittle them. But those that ignore their dreams and don't know how to interpret them are ignoring God's help and guidance.

Dreams are often full of word play. And why not? Jesus is the Word; He can have his puns.

One pun I remember is one found in Jeremiah. The pun was on the "almond" which often appears symbolically in the Bible:

"The Lord asked me: Jeremiah, what do you see?
I answered: I see a branch of an almond tree (shaked).
The Lord said to me:
You have seen right,
For I am watchful (shoked)
to bring My word to pass" (Jeremiah 1:11-12).

I know there are other puns in the scripture i just don't know where a good topic to research.

So when someone says "word association is just the human consciousness playing around" we can say, "No, the Bible showed us -- long before modern psychology did-- that God Himself uses punning and word association to speak to people.

Some dreams come from our own spirits, from our soulish fears, from eating the wrong things, from evil spirits...but so many come from God. Yes, it's sometimes hard to believe that God is so intimately near us that His Holy Spirit talks to us every day but He really is. Praise ye the Lord.-C


chrisa511 said...

Right there with you on this one as you know ;) Sounds like you've had some amazing experiences with dreams. I've always been fascinated with dreams and the power that they have. Truly extraordinary things.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Lately, I've been having nightmares almost every night. EXTREMELY unusual for me.
I am a little worried and am praying for light and protection for me and all the people I hold dear.

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