Wednesday, December 26, 2007

St Stephen's Day -- Praise (and prayers) for the martyrs

Here is a part of an article on how North Korean Christians celebrate Christmas:

It happens only sporadically that Christians think it is safe enough to meet together in small groups. Usually gatherings consist of only two people.

Simon notes: "For example, a Christian goes and sits on a bench in the park. Another Christian comes and sits next to him. Sometimes it is dangerous even to speak to one another, but they know they are both Christians, and at such a time, this is enough. If there is no one around, they may be able to share a Bible verse which they have learned by heart and briefly say something about it. They also share prayer topics with each other. Then they leave one another and go and look for Christians in some other part of their town. This continues throughout Sunday. A cell group usually consists of fewer than 20 Christians who encourage and strengthen one another
in this way. Besides this, there are one-to-one meetings in people's homes."

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Check out one of my favorite videos done to a hispanic evangelical song we sing at church

Pray for Christian believers. Write to them. Donate money to and prisoner alert

Pray for Christian believers.
Write to them.
Donate to and

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