Monday, December 24, 2007

Praise God for heaven

St Paul says that in death we Christians do not sorrow like other people who have no hope.

I am totally convinced I will again see my mother who died in 2004 and my aunt who died this week and my pastor who also died.

We will see them as they are, except perfected. They will not disappear into nothingness, becoming Atman or part of the universal consciousness. They will be themselves with all their funny quirks and sense of humor and oddball personalities.

I will see the "good" people and the "bad, creepy" people I have loved. Why? Because through the blood of Jesus, they were made perfect for that wonderful feast in heaven. I thank Jesus for making this possible because I really loved somd of those "bad" people. But now, knowing that they acknowledged Jesus as their savior and his blood as given for their sacrifice...they will be at the heavenly party too.

Praise ye the Lord.

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