Thursday, December 27, 2007

Praise God for self-discovery

I suddenly realized today that I am not really a novelist. Okay, I had kinda discovered this before but I kinda forgot it.

The thing is...I am a storyteller...oral tradition and all that. There is some subtle difference between a storyteller and a novelist and I can't really say what the difference is but...I had been having so much trouble with voice and how the story should be told.

I always get this way when telling a novel and I've always liked stories with weirdo narrators or playful experimental personal narration. And then I was talking to a storyteller friend today and it dawned on me what Mark Twain had said about being a storyteller not a novelist. Who knew? Jamaica and the literary world combined in little old me. Folks who read literature and who came from a storytelling culture will understand exactly what I mean.

Isn't it wonderful to discover --or rediscover-- the truth about some aspect of ourselves? Praise ye the Lord for enlightening us


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