Saturday, December 15, 2007

Praise God for our non-Christian friends

I have been blessed with some wonderful friends, most of whom are not Christian.

There's my friend who is Muslim-Buddhist-Hindu-New Ager. Yes, there can be such a combination. Sometimes when I speak with her I get downright frustrated at the interesting theology interwoven in her mind. What Mohammed doesn't quite allow, Hinduism does. Sometimes I want to shake her and say "Please have one theology instead of this kind of buffet spirituality." Yet, she loves Allah with all her heart. She prays all the time. She has the kindest most loving soul.

I also have some friends who are downright sinners. Some of them are Christians, some Jewish, some atheists. I love them with all my heart. Perhaps because having them around me I understand how they got so destroyed by life that they fell into sin. I've always been a compassionate person who loves the outcast but these friends certainly prevent me from falling into judgmentalness.

I also have some Christian friends but mercifully not that many. I say that because the average American churchgoing Christian is often a pill. First and foremost they have a very narrow idea of what decent human behavior is. One person actually stopped being my acquaintance because I said when it was my monthly period I went emotionally crazy. She was offended that I mentioned the word "period" and that I actually was so dang honest as to say that I went nuts at a certain time of the month. Christians can also major gossipers. Whether online or in the reel world, I have been so discussed by Christians "for my own good" and because they were afraid of "being tainted" by me that I am pretty suspicious of them all. Once I even got an email accidentally emailed to me by a Christian to a Christian critique group I belonged to. Seems there was a conversation going on among them all about how harsh I was when I critiqued their stories. (Trust me: I wasn't harsh. Some Christian stories are pretty bad and these folks were not open to real criticism.)

I suspect the reason I get along with my non-Christian friends better than most of my Christian friends is that there is a true human connection there between us. I chose those non-Christians because I loved them and they loved me, not because they believed what I believed.

I do want to praise those wonderful kind-hearted Christian friends out there too. I have several of those and that is the best kind of friendship.

But my non-Christian friends have been good and kind to me. And what more can be said? I find myself praying for them to learn more about Jesus. How wonderful it would be if we were truly spiritual siblings in addition to being emotional and psychological friends. A threefold cord is not quickly broken. Praise ye the Lord


chrisd said...

I too am thankful for the friends that God has given me.

I am thankful for friends who tell me truth, no matter how hard it is.

You are very right to say that there are friends who may have a different faith or no faith, that are just as dear as some believers are.

Praise God for them, because these precious people are in our lives accidentally.

The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

In a world that so full of misunderstanding and non-connection, I am always amazed and thankful for the connections that God brings about: really connecting with someone who lives halfway around the world and might as well been your sister, or meeting the most unlikely match for a friend and becoming
bosom buddies. Glad to have met you Carole!--Rose-Marie "the Pen of the Wayfarer"

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